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Shipping agency to Cuba: A guide for delivering parcels to the country

Aug 25 , 2023

Currently a whole range of parcel agencies is focusing on Cuba as one of their main targets. A number of such companies have recently emerged providing this service from countries in Europe and North America, focusing on those countries where Cuban migration is highest in numbers. Together with increasing Cuban migration, this makes these services in high demand and they seek to become the most feasible and effective among all the options. In the following post, you will find everything you need to know about sending parcels using a shipping agency to Cuba.

Many agencies are currently battling for dominance in the market, as they strive for faster delivery, lower prices and personal attention, thereby improving services and enhancing the value of their offerings. In this way, customers need to know the operational features of the agencies before sending their parcels. Therefore, it is important to find out which of the available agencies have the best offers and quality of service.

Given the importance of these concerns, Opapeleo again is pleased to provide useful information for your shipments to Cuba. It is very important to choose carefully the shipping agency to Cuba. Below you will find an advice guide which we have developed using the most far-reaching criteria. In addition, we provide you with basic information on the features of these services and their estimated costs, including delivery times.

Door-to-door service is provided by almost all agencies, some of which are available for an additional fee, while others will offer such pick-up and delivery service by default. This service provides parcel collection at the address provided by the sender and delivery in Cuba at the recipient’s address.

Steps for choosing the right shipping agency to Cuba

  • Before choosing an agency, please check their policies, the safety they provide to the client and perform a rate comparison with other agencies providing a similar service.
  • Under no circumstances use agencies of which you have no reference or cannot find enough information. It is essential to choose those with up-to-date social networks, appealing active offers and demonstrable experience in sending parcels to Cuba.
  • We recommend you to choose agencies closer to your home or office to speed up the pick up of your parcel in case you need to perform your shipment urgently.

Once you choose the agency to be hired for your shipment, please take into account the main aspects to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.

To request the service, you must provide the following information

  • Please provide the address where the parcel will be picked up and delivered.
  • Please check with the shipping company about which goods are permitted for shipment.
  • Please provide the weight and dimensions of the parcel.
  • Please provide the original purchase invoices

Please submit pick-up and delivery address

In order to avoid mistakes, delays or returned deliveries, please provide the agency with a correct pick-up and delivery address, adding the postal code in Cuba (this information is public and can be easily found online).

  • Make sure to provide contact numbers, e-mail addresses and reference locations for disclosure in case of any difficulties in finding the address or last-minute problems.

As a rule, most shipping agencies will ask the customer to specify the structure of the address:

  • Street + avenue + house number + zip code + municipality + province.
  • You must also add the recipient’s telephone number and country code. Cuba (+53).
  • Parcel Details

Customs laws in Cuba have been relaxed in recent years, however, it is important to ensure that your parcel complies with the rules set by Customs in Cuba. You will avoid legal sanctions or holding your parcel for an indefinite period of time.

Please indicate the products shipped, the cost, the material and the details of the purchase invoice. In addition, the dimensions and weight of the parcel must also be included, as this information affects the price of the shipment.

At the time of delivery of your parcel you must:

  • Deliver the parcel well packed
  • Provide the invoice for the products shipped
  • Provide the necessary amount to cover agency fees, taxes and other expenses related to the transfer of the parcel.
  • Provide accurate shipping information
  • Make sure your parcel does not violate any Cuban customs regulations.
  • To deliver packages to Cuba, please contact your chosen agency to find out how to proceed in this case.

Delivery times and costs of a shipping agency to Cuba

Delivery times from the United States to Cuba are the fastest on the island, from 3 to 5 working days; however, these may be delayed due to customs delays, unavailability of flights and other elements beyond the control of the parcel company. For shipments from other, more distant countries, delivery times may be much longer.

The fee for sending a parcel may change according to the kind of service selected by you. The price may be subject to changes depending on the time of the year, or if the shipment is performed by sea or air, if it is express or regular, or due to special offers that agencies launch as part of their promotional work. Currently, you can find offers per kilogram ranging from $20 to $90, or offer parcels for large shipments for relatively low prices.

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