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Identification, Immigration and Foreign Nationals procedures

Jul 17 , 2020

Identification, Immigration, and Alien Affairs

Cubans with permanent residence in Cuba can directly perform immigration and identification procedures at the Cuban Immigration Offices (DIE). There are procedures of the Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Alien Affairs.

Many rumours existed that reforms to Cuba’s constitution would reach the passport. The island’s current constitution, in force since 1976 and later revised in 1992, is now in the process of being amended.

Many Cubans with dual nationality are currently affected by this regulation, which requires them to present their passports to enter the country. Most complaints are related to the cost of the passport (about $450), which also has to be extended every two years (at an additional cost of $160).

The Cuban passport is compulsory

But not required It seems that the constitutional reform will not change anything related to the requirement to enter the island with a Cuban passport, no matter if you have dual nationality. This was announced by José Ramón Cabañas, Havana’s ambassador to Washington.

“The requirement to enter the country with a Cuban passport, no matter the dual nationality of the holder, will remain in force after the constitutional amendment being drafted by the National Assembly,” stated Mr. Cabañas.

The ambassador in Washington further explained: “The principle by which we abide is that every Cuban – and he may have a second or third citizenship – when he returns to Cuba, on the island, at our borders, is [considerado como un] Cuban”.

However, this passport requirement is not included in the current Cuban Constitution, even after the revision made in 1992. Article 32 provides that: “Cubans may not be stripped of their citizenship, except for legally established reasons. Nor may they be denied the right to change their citizenship”.

Article 32 then concludes: “Dual citizenship shall not be admitted. Consequently, when a foreign citizenship is acquired, Cuban citizenship shall be lost. The law establishes the procedure to be followed for the procedure to formalise the withdrawal of citizenship and the authorities empowered by law to rule on it”.

According to the current Article 32 of the Constitution, Cuba does not allow dual citizenship. This would be totally at odds with current regulations and also with recent statements by José Ramón Cabañas, Havana’s ambassador to Washington.

People have long speculated that the requirement to hold a Cuban passport to enter the country implies that for the authorities, Cubans have never given up their citizenship of the island.

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