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Humanitarian Parole income and benefits chart

Nov 22 , 2023

Thebenefits of the Parole scheme are focused on granting certain persons temporary entry into the United States for urgent humanitarian reasons. This program is designed to address specific emergency situations, such as natural disasters, armed conflicts, humanitarian crises or situations of political persecution.

Regarding Cuban, Haitian and Nicaraguan citizens, humanitarian Parole has been used in the past in specific circumstances, such as in the Cuban rafter crisis back in the 1990s, when Parole was granted to thousands of Cubans trying to reach the United States on rafts, as well as in humanitarian crisis situations in Haiti and Nicaragua.


Some details on the Humanitarian Parole


People who obtain humanitarian parole benefits may be admitted to the United States for a limited period of time, usually under specific conditions and requirements. These conditions may include the obligation to report to immigration authorities on specific dates, participation in monitoring programmes, or applying for asylum or other immigration benefits once on US land.

Es importante tener en cuenta que el Parole humanitario no otorga un estatus migratorio permanente ni garantiza la obtención de la ciudadanía.

Last January, US President Joe Biden announced a new Parole for Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans, which to date has benefited thousands of families from these countries.

This new scheme is built on the basis of a sponsor and a beneficiary. Eligible U.S. residents may submit a sponsorship proposal for a family member or friend who is a citizen of one of these countries. An important aspect of these requirements is linked to the financial situation of the sponsor.


How does the Humanitarian Parole programme actually function?


Below you will find information on the minimum income required to sponsor one (or more) Cuban, Haitian or Nicaraguan nationals.

Minimum income amounts are determined by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Poverty Guidelines, which set the official federal thresholds for poverty in the United States. A sponsor is required to be above this threshold by 125%, unless they are active duty military in the US armed forces, in which case they are only required to be 100% of income above the threshold.

For a 2-person household, the minimum income requirement is USD 24,650 per year. Thereafter USD 6 425 is added for each person in the household, e.g. in a 3-person household the minimum income must exceed USD 31 075 (USD 24 650 + USD 6 425).

For Alaskan and Hawaiian sponsors, revenues should be slightly higher.

For the official income chart to apply for Humanitarian Parole benefits, please click here.


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