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Cuba’s Latest News: Pan American Games Santiago 2023

Nov 6 , 2023

The Pan American Games is a celebration of good sportsmanship and the coming together of the nations of the Americas. On this competition field, Cuba has left an unforgettable impression over the years. Since its first participation in 1951, the Caribbean island has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in several sports, becoming a sporting power in Latin America. Keep reading for the breaking news from Cuba during these Pan American Games held in Santiago de Chile.

What is The Historical Context of Cuba in the Pan-American Games?

The Pan American Games were a showcase for the talent and commitment of Cuban athletes, all of whom produced a legacy of triumphs, records and unforgettable emotions. Over the years, Cuba has performed outstandingly well in boxing, athletics, wrestling, baseball and many other sports, creating an unforgettable impression in the history of the Pan American Games.

In recent years, other countries with weaker sporting traditions than Cuba’s have increasingly climbed onto the award podiums, while Cuba has lost its power in the regional competition.

Latest News From Cuba at the Pan American Games

The country’s economic situation, professional discouragement and the massive exodus of athletes and coaches to other countries have impacted the quality of the Cuban delegation participating in these sports events. These conditions are evidenced by Cuba’s place in the medal table of recent regional events.

The current Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile 2023 were no exception in terms of the position of Cuba, which now remains outside the top 3. Cuba is currently in 5th place, preceded by Canada and followed by Colombia.

The island also happens to be leading in sports in which it now shows unfavourable results, while certain specialities take it by surprise by placing it at the top of the medal table.

Cuba’s Current Performance at the Pan-American Games

Here are the results obtained so far by Cuba at the Pan American Games Santiago 2023 (Taken from the real-time update at www.olymics.com).

Gold Medals (30):

  • Arley Calderón (Weightlifting) – 61 kg male
  • Leuris Pupo (Shooting) – Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol
  • Team Cuba (Rowing) – Men’s eight coxed boat
  • Arlen Lopez (Boxing) – Men’s 80 kg
  • Julio César La Cruz (Boxing) – 92 kg Male
  • Maylín Del Toro (Judo) – -63 kg female
  • Idelannis Gómez (Judo) – -70 kg female
  • Iván Silva (Judo) – -90 kg male
  • Andy Granda (Judo) – +100 kg male
  • Idalys Ortiz (Judo) – +78 kg female
  • Daniela Fonseca / Jorge Campos (Table Tennis) – Mixed doubles
  • Cuban National Team (Judo) – Mixed Teams
  • Jorge Campos / Andy Pereira (Table Tennis) – Men’s Doubles
  • Yunisleidy García (Athletics) – 100m sprint for women
  • Cuba Team (Athletics) – Women’s 4x100m Relays
  • Leyanis Pérez (Athletics) – Women’s Triple Jump
  • Alejandro Valdez (Wrestling) – 65 kg freestyle male
  • Yurieski Torreblanca (Wrestling) – 86 kg male freestyle
  • Yusneylis Guzmán (Wrestling) – Women’s 50 kg Freestyle
  • Luis Zayas (Track & Field) – Men’s High Jump
  • Lázaro Martínez (Athletics) – Men’s triple jump
  • Yarisleidis Cirilo Duboy (Canoe sprint) – Individual canoe 200m female
  • Milaimy Marín (Wrestling) – 76 kg women’s freestyle
  • Cuba Team (Athletics) – Women’s 4×400 Relays
  • Sahily Diago (Athletics) – Women’s 800m
  • José Pelier (Canoeing Sprint) – 1000 metres individual canoeing
  • Oscar Pino Hinds (Wrestling) – 130 kg Greco-Roman male
  • Luis Orta (Wrestling) – 67 kg Greco-Roman male
  • Daniel Gregorich (Wrestling) – 87 kg Greco-Roman Male
  • Gabriel Rosillo (Wrestling) – 97 kg Greco-Roman male

Silver Medals (21):

  • Arlenis Sierra (Road Cycling) – Women’s Time Trial
  • Juan Carlos Zaldívar (Weightlifting) – 102 kg male
  • Team Cuba (Rowing) – Men’s coxless fours
  • Reidy Cardona / Carlos Ajete (Rowing) – Men’s Double Sculls
  • Jorge Alayo / Noslen Díaz (“Voleibol playa”) – Men’s tournament
  • Saidel Horta (Boxing) – 57 kg male
  • Alejandro Parada (Track & Field) – Men’s Long Jump
  • Greisys Roble (Athletics) – Women’s 100m Hurdles
  • Andy Pereira (Table Tennis) – Men’s Singles
  • Franklin Marén (Wrestling) – 74 kg male freestyle
  • Arturo Silot (Wrestling) – 97 kg male freestyle
  • Cuba Team (Athletics) – Men’s 4x100m Relays
  • Yunisleidy García (Atletismo) – 200m women’s event
  • Liadagmis Povea (Athletics) – Women’s Triple Jump
  • Daily Cooper (Athletics) – Women’s 1500 metres
  • Brayan Díaz (Karate) – -60 kg men’s singles
  • Kevin De Armas (Wrestling) – 60 kg Greco-Roman male
  • Laura Herín Ávila (Wrestling) – 53 kg female freestyle
  • María Santana (Wrestling) – 62 kg freestyle female
  • Cristian Abreu (Basque pelota) – Male frontbol
  • Baurelys Torres (Karate) – -55 kg (women)

Bronze Medals (17):

  • Kelvin Calderón (Taekwondo) – -80 kg male
  • Olfides Sáez (Halterofilia) – 89 kg masculinos
  • Team Cuba (Taekwondo) – women’s team final
  • Team Cuba (Rowing) – Mixed coxed eight
  • Taymara Oropesa (Badminton) – Women’s Singles
  • Fernando Arzola (Boxing) – 92 kg male
  • Orlando Polanco (Judo) – 66 kg male
  • Leidis Veranes (Fencing) – Women’s individual sabre
  • Maikel Vidal (Athletics) – Men’s Long Jump
  • Osmany Divergent (Wrestling) – 57 kg male freestyle
  • Aslin Quiala (Athletics) – Women’s pole vault
  • Ángela Álvarez (Wrestling) – 57 kg women’s freestyle
  • Yoao Illas (Athletics) – Men’s 400m Hurdles
  • Cristian Nápoles (Athletics) – Men’s Triple Jump
  • José Ramón Pelier / Javier Requeiro (Sprint canoeing) – Double canoe 500 metres male
  • Yosvanys Peña Flores (Wrestling) – 77 kg Greco-Roman male
  • Rose Mary Almanza (Athletics) – Women’s 800m

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