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Tips for Cuban migrants in the US

Mar 6 , 2023

The United States of America ranks as one of the most popular destinations for migrants from all over the world. Almost 15% of the country’s population is made up of foreigners who have moved to the country seeking opportunities for their families or running away from conflicts which prevent them from living in their countries of origin. Also well known is the large population of Cuban migrants.

Although it is already a huge effort to migrate to the north of the country and many people are risking their lives for this purpose, it is also necessary to settle by following the rules and procedures established for migrants. Complying with the procedures established may facilitate the progress of their legal status while the migrants are in the territory or their access to the same opportunities available to US citizens.

For this reason, if you are planning to migrate to the United States or if you are already in the United States, you should make a serious effort to settle in the society as quickly and effectively as possible.

Therefore, to assist you in this settlement process, Opapeleoprovides you with a guide to the first steps to follow after your entry into the United States.

Cuban migrants and their legal status

You should keep yourself informed about the migration regulations currently in force in the country, as this will help you to understand the appropriate next steps to be taken in your process of settlement as a resident. The first thing you should know is your legal status, which may be different depending on how you entered the country:

  • US citizenship (Derived and Acquired);
  • Lawful Permanent Residence;
  • Asylum seeker/Refugee;
  • Conditional immigration entry (“parole status”)
  • Temporary Protection

In case you still do not know your legal status you can find it out on the official website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS.GOV, where you can apply online for any of the procedures. Alternatively, and for greater comfort, you may ask for assistance from a lawyer who can advise you on all the procedures involved in your legal status.

Cuban Migrants and Tax Payments

As soon as you enter the United States and start working, you should start paying taxes, no matter your legal status at that time. In order to determine how to file your taxes, please contact an accountant for proper advice, as tax evasion can get you in trouble with the US Internal Revenue Service. 15 April each year is the date fixed in that country for the tax return. In the case of those individuals with no documents, they must apply for a special number issued by the IRS, called ITIN, in order to join the tax services on a regular basis.

The ITIN is extremely important for migrants because it allows them to obtain tax credits which serve as a background for future procedures and applications. Having this document will enable you to open bank accounts in some banks and is evidence of your good behaviour since entering the country.

Cuban migrants and access to education

When arriving in the United States with minors, you need to know that your child is eligible for public education from age six through grade 12 free of charge. The country’s Education Law stipulates that all minors are entitled to free public education regardless of their legal status, therefore they are not required to submit immigration information to any school for enrolment.

Cuban migrants and access to public services

Benefiting from public services is an essential part of living anywhere in the world, and the United States is no exception. Most businesses and companies in this country provide these services to people with any legal status, however unlike in most Latin American countries, a bank account is required to pay for these services. If your documents are in order, you must provide a social security number, proof of residence, and the bank form. Otherwise, you can submit your ITIN or a copy of a valid passport.

Cuban migrants and the ease at obtaining loans

In the United States, having good credit is a prerequisite for access to a number of benefits. With a good credit rating you can access housing, means of transport and bank loans. To keep this straight, you need to have a bank account, pay your taxes and bills on time and most importantly do not fall behind with the payment of loans already contracted. In case you do not have any documents yet, we recommend you to follow these steps so when you obtain your national insurance number, you already have an open credit in this country making future steps more feasible for improving your immigration status.

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