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CADECAS offices for currency exchange in Cuba

Sep 13 , 2022

Opapeleo, agency for Cuban passport procedures, located in Washington DC, 150 meters from the Cuban Consulate, today provides the list of Cadecas (a.k.a. CAsas DE CAmbio) who will buy and sell foreign currency as reported by the Cuban government after the implementation of the new foreign exchange market.

Please note that there are a series of limitations within this new measure, such as:

  1. A sale limit of 100 USD; such sale will be based on the previous day’s collection and if USD is not available, it will be exchanged into another convertible currency according to the equivalent in dollars.
  2. Dollars purchased may not be deposited in bank accounts.
  3. The exchange rate for foreign exchange market transactions is currently set at 120 CUP to 1 USD, and the difference between buying and selling is in the margins implemented by the banks.

Cadecas List in Cuba


Where to find CADECAs for foreign exchange and currency sales/purchases

Cadecas Office in Pinar del Río

  • Pinar del Río, Gerardo Medina No. 43.
  • Viñales, Salvador Cisneros #92

Cadecas Office in Artemisa

  • Artemisa, Calle 25 (unnumbered) between 48th and 50th

Cadecas Office in Havana

  • Belascoain #462 between Zanja and Salud, Centro Habana.
  • Calle 23 and J, Plaza.
  • Monaco, Amado between Mayia Rodriguez and Goss, Vibora, 10 de octubre.
  • Edificio A/55, 12 plantas, zona 1, Alamar, Habana del Este.
  • Calle 42 corner with 21, Playa.
  • Calle 249 No. 22904, between 204 and 229, Fontanar, Boyeros.

Cadecas Office in Mayabeque

  • San José de las Lajas, Ave 47 #4836 corner 54

Cadecas Office in Matanzas

  • Medio #28004 between Matanzas and Jovellanos, Matanzas.
  • Cárdenas, Ayllón No. 552
  • Arenas Blancas, Hotel Arenas Blancas
  • Santa Marta, Libertad s/n, Santa Marta.
  • Calle 11 #5408 between 54 and 56, Jagüey Grande.

Cadecas Office in Villa Clara

  • Sagua la Grande, Maceo #82 between Carmen Ribalta and Calixto García.
  • Parque Vidal, Cuba #2 esq. Tristán
  • Camajuaní, Joaquín Paneca #34 between Camilo Cienfuegos and José Martí.

Cadecas Office in Cienfuegos

  • Punta Gorda, calle 39 esquina 14
  • Cienfuegos, Ave 56 No. 3316 between 33 and 35

Cadecas Office in Sancti Spiritus

  • Boulevard, Independencia #31 sur, between Ave de los mártires and Emes Valdés Muñoz
  • Trinidad, José Martí #164 between Lino Pérez and Camilo Cienfuegos.

Cadecas Office in Ciego de Avila

  • Morón, Martí 348 between Glez Arena and Serafín Sánchez
  • La Gaviota, Polo Turístico Jardines del Rey.
  • Boulevard, Independencia No 118 between Simón Reyes and Maceo.

Cadecas Office in Camagüey

  • Maceo, Calle Maceo #10 between General Gómez and Plaza Maceo, Camagüey.
  • Boulevard, República, 353 between San Esteban and Santa Rita, Camagüey.

Cadecas Office in Las Tunas

  • Boulevard, Colón, #141 between Francisco Vega y Varona

Cadecas Office in Holguín

  • Boulevard, Libertad, No 205 between Martí and Luz Caballero, Holguín.
  • Plaza Pesquero, Playa Pesquero municipio Rafael Freyre.
  • Holguín Frexes, Frexes #128 between Cervantes and Narciso López, Holguín.

Cadecas Office in Granma

  • Manzanillo, Martí 184 between Narciso López and Pedro Figueredo.
  • Bayamo, Saco 103 between General García y Mármol.

Cadecas Office in Santiago de Cuba

  • Ferreiro, Empinada Ferreiro, Pedro Alvarado.
  • Aguilera, Aguilera #508 between Reloj and Clarín.

Cadecas Office in Guantanamo

  • Guantánamo, Pedro Pérez 963 between Carretera and Emilio Giró.
  • Baracoa, Martí 241 between Roberto Sánchez and Limbano Suárez


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