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Importance of Cuban passport renewal

Oct 25 , 2022

So far, the Cuban passport is valid for 6 years, subject to renewal every 2 years; after each renewal the validity of the passport is extended within the period of validity.

Cuban migration laws provide that, notwithstanding the fact that nationals have citizenship and/or residence in another country, they must keep their passport valid This is extremely important for those permanently settled in the US.

Since the Cuban passport is valid for 6 years, it must be renewed for the second and fourth year, from the date on which the document was issued. This means that the renewal procedure must be performed every 2 years. To be entitled to the second renewal, the person concerned must first have paid the fees for the first renewal.

Should the first renewal not be completed and requesting the second renewal in the fourth year, two renewals must be performed in order to bring the passport up to date, this is known as Double Renewal. This procedure may be completed at any time, except when the first renewal is more than 6 months away from expiry. Once the validity of the passport has expired, a new passport must be issued.

In the old days, the last page of Cuban passports read: Valid for two years and renewable for 2 years, 2 times. However, no such warning is now included in the most recent passports. It may be reasonably assumed that the validity of the passport and the number of renewals have been changed or, presumably, removed, but it is not true.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a briefing note on 16 November 2020, which is reproduced below:

  • Taking into account the negative socio-economic impact of COVID-19 worldwide, especially in relation to the closure of borders and the suspension of flights, the decision has been taken that Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who are abroad at the time of this announcement may return to Cuba, on an exceptional basis, with their expired passports without renewal’.
  • This measure, which will remain in force until further notice, is intended to facilitate the entry into the country of those nationals who, because of the pandemic, have been unable to return to their usual places of residence
  • With the reopening of all international airports in Cuba and the resumption of regular airline operations, travel possibilities are expanding.
  • «For Cuban citizens residing permanently abroad, they must travel with a valid and valid passport. In this regard, they should complete the necessary paperwork procedures in the nearest consulates to their places of residence».

On 6 September 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this information: Cuban citizens residing in the national territory will be able to return to Cuba, exceptionally, with their passport expired and without renewal. In the case of our fellow nationals residing abroad, whose lives are usually developed in third countries, they must travel to Cuba with their valid passport, for which our consulates abroad will provide all necessary assistance

Should the validity of your passport expire (on the expiry of the 2 years) while you are abroad you must apply for the renewal before your return to Cuba at any of the Cuban consulates in the country in which you are staying.

Opapeleo highly recommends checking the validity dates of your passport if you are considering travelling. Please avoid scheduling your return after the date when your passport is no longer valid and requires renewal.

The Cuban passport remains valid until the same day of its expiry date.

How to obtain the Cuban Passport renewal?

Opapeleowas the first agency offering this service using a 100% online system by which you can complete your procedure. If you prefer phone calls Opapeleo is the only agency operating seven days a week from 8AM to 8PM; you can process your application by calling 202-800-4141.

The first step to apply for this procedure is to select Passport extension on our website. From there, please provide the required information to complete the consular form required by the Cuban authorities. All that remains at this point is to confirm the information provided and then proceed to payment.

You will immediately receive an e-mail with detailed instructions concerning the next steps and your shipping label already paid for. Please go to your USPS or FedEx office with the printed label and then send us your passport, making the label you received clearly displayed on the envelope.

Afterwards Opapeleo will notify you by SMS and/or email when your passport has been received and delivered to the consulate, and lastly we will notify you when your passport is delivered to your home.

The extension of the Cuban passport costs 260 dollars. Once we have the documents in our hands, the consular process starts immediately with the Cuban authorities.

With Opapeleo, you are always guaranteed the fastest receipt, submission to the consulate and return shipment. Once at the Consulate, times may vary depending on the operational situation, taking from two to fifteen days and occasionally a little longer. We can give you a clearer picture of the current deadlines at the time you apply.

Important: Cuba states that Cuban residents can travel without the renewal, however in practice, this is not actually true…

According to an informative note issued by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, nationals residing in Cuba can enter the island’s territory without a renewal. However, since the airlines cannot know who is a resident or non-resident in Cuba, they will not allow anyone whose passport is expired to board the plane, resulting in a great deal of complications since, if the airline allows an emigrant to enter Cuban territory without the renewal, the Cuban government would fine the airline in accordance with international practices. For this reason, holding your passport valid is extremely important.

Opapeleo is your agency for paperwork procedures 100% online or by phone. We are in Washington DC 150 meters away from the Cuban Consulate. We provide services of Extension and Cuban passport renewal, Legalisations, Powers of attorney of all kinds, Authorisation for minors to leave the country, DVT, Cuban visas, top-ups, requests for Cuban certificates, delivery of official documents and all kinds of procedures related to Cuba.

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