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New procedure. Cuban Passport Quick Extension

May 15 , 2023

On May 6, a series of new measures and a new procedure were implemented regarding the prompt issuance of Cuban passport extensions for Cubans residing in the United States.

The new features are focused on facilitating the process for the applicant and thus avoiding bureaucratic and time-consuming processes in obtaining extensions for this travel document. This is always in accordance with the requirements of Cuban law for passport extensions, which in its six years of life must be extended every two years.

Now, in addition to being faster and more functional for the customer, the process can also save him/her worries in the long run, since it allows him/her to make one or both extensions at the time of the passport creation, or at any time after the time required by law for the completion of each one.

Regarding the new procedure you should know that:

  • The extension keeps the stamp format that is printed on the passport.
  • The cost of the stamp or sticker for each extension will be 200 USD, as established by the Consulate in its contract with the agencies.

How will agencies such as Opapeleo handle it from the new procedure onward?

The consulate sells the empty stamps or stickers to directly outsourced to wholesale agencies, such as Opapeleo. This allows agencies to manage the extension more quickly for the good of the customer.

This way if you extend your passport, the consulate does not have to intervene and the process is more efficient and faster.

In the case of Opapeleo you can manage your extension online, for this you only have to access the link. You will receive the sticker(s) within 48 hours after placing the order. You can also access Overnight and receive them the next day. The shipping cost will be based on the option chosen by the client.

How to apply for a Cuban passport extension once the new procedure has been implemented?

With the new measures you no longer need to submit your passport for the extension, now the extension stamp can be delivered to you, which you can place in your passport yourself.

Ways to get your extension quickly are:

  1. ONLINE: Click on our website. Enter your name, date of birth, phone, email and passport number. You must also provide your address for the extension to be sent to you. This online procedure will take no more than 4 minutes to complete.
  2. PHONE: You can call us at 202-800-4141 from 8 am to 8 pm throughout the week. Our operators will be available to process your order over the phone, and as with the online route, the Fedex envelope will be delivered to you that same day with the completed sticker inside.
  3. WASHINGTON AND HIALEAH FLORIDA: You can also visit our Washington office in Washington, D.C., 150 meters from the Cuban Consulate. In any of our offices the extensions are ON THE FLY, so we look forward to hearing from you:

Opapeleo Head Office

2655 15th St NW Suite 2

Washington, DC, 20009

From now on, the Opapeleo office for on the fly extensions is available for the convenience of our customers in South Florida at the following address:

Opapeleo Hialeah

4311 Palm Ave Suite 2

Hialeah, FL 33012

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Opapeleo is your agency for paperwork procedures 100% online or by phone. We are in Washington DC 150 meters away from the Cuban Consulate. We provide services of Extension and Cuban passport renewal, Legalisations, Powers of attorney of all kinds, Authorisation for minors to leave the country, DVT, Cuban visas, top-ups, requests for Cuban certificates, delivery of official documents and all kinds of procedures related to Cuba.

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